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Foster's voice evokes the ancient shaman songs of the world, including journey songs, tributes to the Incas, the Thunderbeings, the Grass Dance, the Blackfeet Natoas, the Great Round, the Pollen Path, the Yoruba Orixas, South American Indians, Hundu and Buddhist chants. Accompanied by udo, congas, oboe, flute, piano and drums, this album soars and preserves our connection to Mother Earth. Compelling music arranging and production by Max Highstein. "Shaman Song is wonderful - food for the mind and soul"

1. Oshanke (Okan) Buy
2. Aum Da E Winjah Buy
3. Song of the Grass Dancer Buy
4. Dae Wandi Wei Buy
5. Oxum Buy
6. Jumanjere, De Kwanana Buy
7. Natoas Buy
8. Bom Shanti Kaya Buy
9. Wind Buy
10. Kumariz Buy
11. Gahmarahrah Buy
12. Boom Tateweah Buy
13. Jaguar Buy
14. Chismaden Buy
15. Buhmanade Buy
16. Pollen Path Buy
17. Beija-Flor Buy
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